INFINIDAT is a global-leader when it comes to data storage, delivering enterprise-proven storage solutions to Global 500 companies around the world. INFINIDAT are the creators of InfiniBox™, a Flash-Optimized storage platform that outperforms All-Flash arrays in real world workloads, is extremely simple to use, and provides 99.99999% data availability.

With more than 120 patents, INFINIDAT is a global leader in the areas of data protection, performance, automation, energy savings, ease of management, and scaling.

saberVox has partnered with INFINIDAT to become the leading provider of INFINIDAT and InfiniBox solutions in Australia. By choosing saberVox as your data storage provider, you can be assured you are accessing the world’s leading solutions in this space, with security and availability second to none.

Key Benefits of the saberVox INFINIDAT Solution:

  • Efficiency at Scale
    INFINIDAT storage delivers multi-petabyte scale and multi-GBps throughput, without consuming the space and power required by traditional storage platforms or server-based solutions. Unlike solutions limited to a single storage medium, INFINIDAT storage seamlessly blends the economic and performance characteristics of rotational and flash media.
  • Optimised Business Models
    INFINIDAT offers business models that incorporate consumption-based pricing, so users can start with under 250 TB of data and grow – while keeping costs predictable and under control.
  • Effortless Integration
    INFINIDAT storage offers best-in-class integrations for OpenStack, VMware, and other cloud orchestration environments. Clients who prefer to manage storage directly can choose from a simple GUI, powerful CLI, RESTful API, Ansible playbooks, and a Python SDK for more advanced workflows.