23rd April 2018
by Dan Wright

World Password Day – It’s a thing!

Ok, there’s literally a day for everything, to the pointwhere you stop taking notice of them. While World Password Day sounds a little gimmicky, the underlying message is something everyone should take note of.

By now you would know the importance of having strongpasswords, but is that really enough to keep you secure? Multi-Factor authentication (or MFA) is becoming more widely used around the world to secure all your important accounts.

In the past, MFA was really only used by large corporations

with a lot of money to spend on security, as it was expensive! But now, MFA is much cheaper and accessible, with many more options than before.

You can use a token (both hard or soft), a phone call, SMS,
biometric (iris, fingerprint etc) etc. Even your free Internet based services such as Gmail & Facebook have MFA available for their users.

To get help setting up MFA for your free accounts, visit the
World Password Day site. There are comprehensive guides on how to set up MFA on all your favourite sites.

For your business accounts, contact us today to find out how
to secure your corporate data.